Most of you who read this blog lead in ministry in some capacity. If you're like me, you feel the constant pressure of preparing for Sunday along with the desire to move the ministry forward and do the best job you can leading people to Jesus.

You may feel like things are working, but you know there is more potential that can be realized. It could be within your ministry or in your church overall. Some plans and strategies may have been helpful in the past or maybe they never really got any traction. Or, in other cases, there just hasn't been time to work on the ministry because you're too busy working in it.

Church StratOpTM can help. 

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What is Church StratOp?

Church StratOpTM uses the Paterson Process to helps church leaders determine:

  • Where their church is now
  • Where it should go
  • How to best get there

Strat = Strategic = The art of planning for tomorrow, today.

Ops = Operations = The discipline of taking care of today, today.

It's a proven process I will facilitate with your team to clarify your mission, vision, values and core strategies as part of creating a Strategic Operating Plan.


If you're interested, click here to contact me and get the conversation started.

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Church StratOp FAQ

The following will hopefully answer most of the questions you might have, but the best thing to do is to reach out and we can have a conversation about what StratOp is and whether or not it can help your church.

How does it work?

Church StratOpTM is implemented in 3 phases: perspective, planning and action. I walk your team through the first 2 phases during a 2-day on-site visit. The 3rd phase is installed by you over the next 2 months and I follow up with an on-site visit for one day. From there I provide monthly coaching to help you implement your plan.

What are the benefits?

The Church StratOpTM process has been used by thousands of churches guided by certified facilitators to help them gain clarity and increase effectiveness. As church leaders we want to steward the ministry God has us in as best as we can. Here are some of the many benefits of going through this process:

  • Your team gains perspective on how your church got to where it is today.
  • Regardless of tenure, all team members begin to feel like they're on the same playing field.
  • Evaluation of your present reality helps clarify opportunities to maximize or improve.
  • Vision, mission and values are clarified.
  • Greater focus is achieved in regard to who your church hopes to serve.
  • Core strategies are developed.
  • Action plans are created with shared ownership to set your team up for success.
  • Everyone on the team is more bought in as a result of owning this process together.

Is this consulting?

I do consult with churches, but this is not consulting. I bring the StratOp process and your team brings the content (ideas, plans, strategies, etc.) I am a guide to walk your team through the process. In an ideal StratOp at least 95% of the input comes from your team with 5% or less coming from me. You know your church best!

Can we do it with one ministry and not the church overall?

You can, but I highly recommend doing a StratOp with your church overall before doing one with individual ministries or departments.

Do I know of any organizations who have done StratOp?

You probably know of multiple churches and even businesses (Business StratOp) who have done StratOp.

Willow Creek Community Church has done multiple StratOps, both for the church overall and for each department in the church.

Mark Beeson, pastor of Granger Community Church, wrote about going through StratOp on his blog.

Otterbox used the StratOp process to grow from $10 million to over $1 billion in revenue.