In this episode, I talk with Frank Bealer about how to help volunteers lead like staff. At Elevation Church, volunteers are empowered to lead in big ways in every ministry. We talk about what those roles look like, how to recruit volunteers, what Elevation does to help volunteers get their culture and how they ensure volunteers are cared for and heard from.

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Frank Bealer

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Elevation Church

Links Mentioned in this Episode

eKidz Worship Album – One in a Million

eKidz Worship Album – Undefeated

Elevation Code (Values)

4 eKidz Values in addition to The Code

Free Resources from Elevation

eKidz Faith Starter Kit (for parents talking with their kids about salvation)

Wufoo Forms

Volunteer Recommitment Process (how it's managed)

Volunteer Recommitment Survey (volunteers complete, changes slightly each time)

Volunteer Renewal Tracking Report

Hits & Misses / Weekend Exchange

Fuel Your RecruitingFuel Your Recruiting
This is an upcoming e-Single by Frank on 5 Ways to Recruit Small Group Leaders All Year Long. Think of it as a short e-book. I've read it. It's great and it will be available soon on Amazon. When it is available, I'll update this link and mention it in the intro of the current podcast so you're aware, because you don't want to miss it!

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Next Episode: Christine Kreisher

In the next episode, we talk with Christine Kreisher, Family & Connections Pastor at GT Church, about the book she co-authored: The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting and Start Retaining. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it!