In this episode, I talk with Kristen Ivy, the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange and the Director of the Phase Project. The Phase Project was created to help equip leaders and parents to best understand and lead kids at each phase of their life. We talk about the project, the research, the resources they've created and how church leaders can pass that on to their families.

Kristen Ivy

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Orange Leaders

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Phase Resources for Leaders – Check out Phase Summaries, Phase Cards, Phase Videos, a Phase Graphics Kit, and other resources to leverage each phase

Just a Phase Blog – Subscribe to the blog and you will automatically receive the Phase maps

It's Just a Phase – So Don't Miss It (book) – Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy challenge church leaders to care for each child at every phase

Phase Resources for Parents – Point parents to resources like the Legacy Marble Jar and the Legacy Marble App

Movie Lists – Movie suggestions for kids in each phase

Don't Miss It: Parent Like Every Week Counts (book) – Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy encourage and teach parents to make every week count

Zero to One: Parenting Through The “I Need You Now” Phase (book) – The first in a series of books to help parents make the most of each phase

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Next Episode: Matt Guevara

In the next episode, I talk with Matt Guevara, the Executive Director of the International Network of Children's Ministry (INCM). INCM exists to connect, train and resource children's ministry leaders and they are probably known most for the Children's Pastors Conference. We talk about the number one priority of a leader, something we neglect far too often.