In this episode, I interview Rob Cizek, the Executive Pastor of NorthShore Christian Church in Everett, WA. I talk with Rob about how to lead up and how to hire well in ministry. Rob shares practical tips we can use right away to improve in both areas.

Rob Cizek

NorthShore Christian Church

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Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis Assessment – Check out Dr. Stephen Covey's books for wisdom in leadership: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People | The 8th Habit | Everyday GreatnessLeader in Me 

How To Get Along With Your Pastor

  1. Seek first to understand before being understood
  2. Empathize with your pastor
  3. Create trust
  4. Don’t be a silo
  5. Give 100% support in public
  6. Bring solutions, not problems
  7. Figure out the best time to approach
  8. Share success stories with your pastor
  9. Be on time
  10. Be prepared
  11. Start the job well
  12. Leave the job well

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