In this episode, I talk with Gina McClain, Pastor of Children's Ministries at Faith Promise Church. Previously, Gina led children's ministry at Life.Church. We talk about how to implement small groups for kids and what it takes to stick it out long-term in your current church.

Gina McClain

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Faith Promise Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Life.Church – Gina previously led Children's Ministry at Life.Church

Guts and Glory of Small Groups – Check out Gina's book for practical advice on implementing the small group model in your ministry

Fellowship One – An online check-in system for churches

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Read Angela Duckworth's book all about having the willingness to do whatever it takes

5 Steps to Implementing Small Groups In Your Elementary Environment (blog posts) – Check out a series of blog posts I wrote that outline five steps to help you implement small groups in your ministry

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Next Episode: Jeremy Lee

In the next episode, I interview Jeremy Lee, founder of Parent Ministry ( We talk about the incredibly important topic of partnering with parents and equipping them to lead their children well. Jeremy offers some extremely practical insights and ideas to help us partner with parents better.