In this episode, I talk with my friend Matt McKee about his new book Parent Chat. We talk about some of the content in his book and how parents can lead their children best when it comes to technology.

Matt McKee

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Parent Chat: The Technology Talk for Every Family (book) – Get practical advice on how to keep the conversation about technology open with kids. Listen to the new audio version here.

Circle With Disney – Check out circle to help you manage time and content on all your internet devices

Get a free copy of Parent Chat when you purchase a Circle With Disney device. Click here to email Matt a copy of your receipt, and he will send you a book!

The Four Questions Parents Should Ask:

  1. What have you seen recently that was really interesting?
  2. What is the craziest thing you've seen your friends doing?
  3. What is something that has surprised you?
  4. Can you teach me how?

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Next Episode: Bill Hegedus

In the next episode, I interview my friend Bill Hegedus. Bill and I talk about how to best serve preteens and kids who are in their last years of elementary school before moving on to middle school. We also talk about some practical ways his church seeks to partner with parents.