In this episode, I talk with Ryan Frank about how to effectively recruit and equip volunteers. He points to multiple resources that will help you lead volunteers and yourself well.

Ryan Frank

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Facebook Groups – I Love Kidmin | Stuff You Can Use | Download Youth Ministry

KidzMatter – Check out articles and downloadable resources on curriculum, activities, events, and more

KidzMatter Magazine – A publication of interviews, ideas, and features on everything from leadership to how to reach kids and make an impact in our world today

KidMin Academy Work through this 12-month program and earn a diploma in Children's Ministry

Sam Chand Leadership Institute – An online environment that helps you grow your network and expand your leadership capacity

The Volunteer Code (book) – Be looking for Ryan's new book that's all about having a breakthrough with volunteer recruitment and retention. Get The Volunteer Code for free is you participate in Uncharted.

Uncharted – Sign up at for this free, online conference happening Oct. 13th-14th

Tips for Improving Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

  1. Work on your relational skills
  2. Don't wait for people to volunteer–start directly recruiting
  3. Create a community where volunteers are resourced, appreciated, and cared for
  4. Understand basic human needs

Basic Human Needs

  1. People need to be needed
  2. People need to feel like they are part of something significant
  3. People need to feel appreciated
  4. People need to be resourced
  5. People need to know you're there for them

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Next Episode: Brian Dollar

In the next episode, I interview Brian Dollar, Children's Ministry Pastor and author, about his new book Talk Now and Later: How to Lead Kids Through Life's Tough Topics. We talk about Brian's role and explore how to equip parents to have tough conversations with their kids now, not just later.