In this episode, I interview Carey Nieuwhof. We talk about his new book, Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations to Help Your Church Grow, and unpack what every pastor wants from their family ministry staff.

Carey Nieuwhof

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World (book) – Michael Hyatt explains why you need a platform to succeed in delivering a message or product

Leading Change Without Losing It (book) – Carey Nieuwhof unpacks five strategies that help church leaders engineer change

Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow (book) – Check out Carey's new book and team edition videos that talk about how to have honest conversations that are essential for church growth

High Impact Leader Kit – In a workbook and series of videos, Carey shares practical, proven strategies that help leaders focus on and accomplish their priorities

How to Best Serve Your Pastor

  1. Don't assume the senior leader has as much autonomy as you think he does
  2. Be competent
  3. Think cross-organizationally
  4. Lead up
  5. Build trust and earn respect

Action Items

  1. Get Carey's book, 7 Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow
  2. Set aside time go through the team edition videos and have some honest conversations
  3. Know the average attendance of individuals at your church–track kids' and students' attendance
  4. Develop a strategy for driving engagement (see Carey's post here)
  5. Establish a clear path for people who want to serve
  6. Recruit high capacity leaders
  7. Work through the High Impact Leader Kit and grow your own capacity as a leader

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In the next episode, I interview Terrace Crawford, a veteran of youth ministry with tons of wisdom to offer. We talk about the importance of helping students serve and what that can look like in our churches.