In this episode, I interview Terrace Crawford, a veteran of youth ministry with tons of wisdom to offer. We talk about the importance of helping students serve and unpack what that can look like in our churches.

Terrace Crawford

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This Week in Youth Ministry Podcast

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Going Social: A Practical Guide on Social Media for Church Leaders (book) – Terrace's book offers insight on meeting people where they are and gives step-by-step instructions on how to launch and leverage various platforms of social media

Experience Mission – A great organization that helps students serve in the community

Action Items

  1. Be intentional about taking care of yourself
  2. Get Going Social and have some conversations about how your church or ministry can leverage social media to grow community
  3. Identify clear roles and needs and then provide clear paths for students to serve
  4. Connect with other ministries and advocate for students serving
  5. Consider setting up time parameters and seasons for serving positions
  6. Partner with organizations to help students serve in the community

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Next Episode: Kenny Conley

In the next episode, I interview Kenny Conley. Kenny and I talk about the role of the NextGen/Family Pastor. We talk about how he brought his children and student staff together as one, unified team. Kenny walks through how that took place and he clarifies what a NextGen/Family Pastor does.