In the this episode, I interview Kenny Conley about the role of the NextGen/Family Pastor. Kenny clarifies what a NextGen/Family Pastor does and we talk about how he brought his children and student staff together as one, unified team.

Kenny Conley

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Orange – Orange is an organization that believes maximum impact happens when the church and parents partner together to help the next generation know God

Lead Small (book) – Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas talk about the small group model and the five things every small group leader needs to know as they invest in kids or students

ReThink Your Staffing Strategy – Kenny Conley talks about what it looks like to staff based on leadership and vision instead of specific ministry experience

Action Items

If You Do Not Have a Next Gen Model:

  1. Have a conversation with your church leadership and the different family ministers in your church about what a unified strategy and team would look like
  2. Explore the option of having your ministries work together and how that would impact the vision and strategy of your church
  3. Meet with other family pastors and children or student pastors to learn from them

If You Do Have a Next Gen Model:

  1. Consider changing your staffing to make it more based on strengths and gifts instead of specific age groups
  2. Check out
  3. Have conversations about branding your church as a Next Gen church and branding your environments individually

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Next Episode: Heidi Hensley

In the next episode, I interview Heidi Hensley. Heidi is the Children's Pastor at Bayside Church in California. We talk all about tough topics for leaders, and how to practically approach difficult conversations and situations all across family ministry.