In this episode, I interview Heidi Hensley. Heidi is the Children’s Pastor at Bayside Church in California. We talk about tough topics leaders encounter and how to practically approach difficult conversations and situations all across family ministry.

Heidi Hensley

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Bayside Church

Notes From This Episode

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Firing a Volunteer: Having the Conversation

These conversations are best to have face-to-face and should take a month at minimum.

  1. Identify that someone has an issue
  2. Have a conversation with them
  3. Monitor the situation and see if anything improves
  4. Train them and invest in them
  5. Move seats on the bus–see if another position would fit their gift set better
  6. Talk with them and reassess the situation. Ask: Should I connect you to another ministry? At this point, it is reassessing to dismiss.
  7. Give it two more weeks, and then have another conversation. Either affirm that things have improved or ask them to step down.

Controversial Topics: Having the Conversation

Consider having a code of conduct that anyone serving in a ministry signs. This code of conduct can essentially say that volunteers understand they are held to a higher standard, and that they will not pursue certain lifestyles while serving.

  1. Say that you need to take some time and have other conversations
  2. Know what your church believes and their doctrine
  3. Know how to articulate the beliefs of your church
  4. Prepare yourself for conversations by talking with other church leadership
  5. Have a script in your head when you go back to the person, and always leave room for grace to work

Action Items

  1. Think through your new family follow-up process. Remember to consider the adult follow-up system already in place in your church.
  2. Have the conversation to make things right.

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