In this episode, I talk with Dale Hudson. Dale is a well-known children’s ministry leader, author, and pioneer. We talk about Dale’s latest book that he co-authored with Bruce Barry & Justyn Smith entitled If Disney Ran Your Children’s Ministry. Whether you lead children’s ministry, youth ministry, or both, the principles apply across the board.

Dale Hudson

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Share Your Staffing & Volunteer Ratios

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Christ Fellowship Church – A multi-site, multi-ethnic congregation in South Florida that's all about helping people draw closer to God

If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry (book) – Dale Hudson, Bruce Barry, and Justyn Smith share ten keys from Disney's success that will help you build the ministry you've always dreamed about

“5 Things You're Saying to Guest Families That You Shouldn't Say” (blogpost) – Check out Dale's post for five key phrases you should not be using with guest families

Volunteer Onboarding Process at Christ Fellowship Church

  1. Family Ministry staff attend final week of members' class and follow up with people who express interest in serving
  2. Potential volunteers fill out applications
  3. Conduct personal interviews
  4. Run background checks
  5. Invite them to a volunteer orientation
  6. Hand-off to individual areas for specific training

Action Items

  1. Get If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry and walk through each of the ten key points
  2. Be intentional about getting stories and sharing them with your team
  3. Begin the practice of a pre-service huddle or circle up. Be intentional about that time and plan the teaching that will occur–some motivational, spiritual, and practical.

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Next Episode: Daniel Scott

In the next episode, I talk with Orange 252 Basics Large Group Director, Daniel Scott. Dan and I talk about the power of story, how it's used in the Bible, and how we can best communicate that to the kids and students in our churches. He also walks through how to train and develop the leaders who are telling God's story to your kids and students.