In this episode, I talk with Corey Ray Jones about productivity and effective planning. Corey is the Lead Children's Pastor at Southern Hills Christian Church in Carrollton, Georgia. We walk through what a typical week looks like for him and he shares specific things he does to maximize his time and effectiveness.

Corey Ray Jones

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Southern Hills Christian Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Weekly Staff Report – One of the resources in Jim Wideman's Evaluation Toolbox with principles for effective planning that help you identify key strategies, evaluate the previous week, and prioritize leadership development

High Impact Leader – Check out Carey Nieuwhof's online course designed to help you get time, energy, and priorities working in your favor – KidMin Nation is a year-round Children's Ministry Conference that is all about helping you navigate your ministry into the future

Corey's Week At a Glance

  1. Sunday: Serve at morning services and plan for the rest of the week
  2. Monday: Attend All Staff, lead Children's Meeting, do lunch, start biggest priority/project for week, work on volunteer appreciation, and prep for Sunday
  3. Tuesday: Start another big project, have lunch with a volunteer, finish project, and look at running to-do list
  4. Wednesday: Hang out with staff team, finish 1 of the 3 big projects, plan events/curriculum, and serve at Wednesday night church
  5. Thursday: Evaluate Wednesday night, prep message for next Wednesday, have lunch with a volunteer or staff, spend time on vision and big picture ministry stuff, clean desk, and print out Weekly Staff Report for coming week
  6. Friday: Spend the morning at a coffee shop and do social media, write blogs, and connect with other ministry leaders. Eat lunch with my wife and have date night in the evening.

Corey's Personal Development

  1. Spend time with God
  2. Spend time with spouse and/or family
  3. Take care of physical needs
  4. Listen to podcasts in the morning
  5. Read blogs during lunch and books in the evening
  6. Watch 1-2 webinars weekly
  7. Meet with coach or mentor on a monthly basis

Action Items

  1. Check out the Weekly Staff Report and identify how you will plan your week
  2. Commit to pursue effective planning and evaluate each week for 1 month
  3. Get Carey Nieuwhof's High Impact Leader and start working through the course
  4. Check out for more resources

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