In this episode, I interview Tom Pounder. Tom is involved in coaching and brining up new youth pastors at New Life Christian Church. He also has his own podcast and blog, YM Sidekick. His background in youth ministry has given him substantial experience with church social media and online engagement, leading him to become the Online Campus Pastor and head of social media at New Life.  Tom and I talk about church social media, youth ministry, the unique facility Tom’s church has, and how they are able to leverage its multi-purpose features for youth ministry.

Tom Pounder

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

The Hangout – Details on the ministry that NLCC hosts every Friday night

Family Devotional – Watch Tom's devotional about Samson and other episodes he has posted

Check out the following resources to help you engage families on social media: Relevant Magazine | Christianity Today | Orange Blogs | Parent Cue | Go Weekly

Tom's 3-N Strategy

  1. Engage
  2. Inspire
  3. Inform

Action Items

  1. Leverage the social media platform your church currently has the most traction with
  2. Check out the resources above that Tom uses to increase online engagement with families through church social media
  3. Consider doing a mid-week video devotional for families

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Next Episode: Melissa MacDonald

In the next episode, I talk with children’s ministry speaker, consultant, and writer, Melissa MacDonald. She and I have a great conversation about helping kids find their place in God's story. Melissa shares practical ways to disciple kids and teach them the Bible in a way they can understand it and apply it to their lives.