In this episode, I interview Children’s Pastor, Tom Bump, about what he’s learned throughout thirty years of ministry. We have a great conversation about how to delegate, focus on your strengths, and approach conflict. He even shares about a specific conflict he had with his senior pastor and what that journey looked like.

Tom Bump

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Halftime (book)- Bob P. Buford shares hist thoughts on how to leave a legacy and finishing strong

Stay or Go – Jim Wideman's resource that walks through the important question: Should I stay (in my current role) or should I go (to a new role)?

How to Delegate: The Ultimate Guide to Delegation (blog post) – An outline of what to delegate, to whom to delegate, and how to delegate, with resources to help you delegate better

CM Connect – An organization that connects children's ministries from all around the world

Achieving Longevity

  1. Return to your calling
  2. Do what you do best and develop those skills
  3. Know who you are as a leader

Confirming Your Calling: Questions to Ask

  1. What am I doing?
  2. What is my gifting?
  3. Do I see God's hand of blessing on my life?
  4. Are people growing and coming to Christ because of my life?
  5. Am I bringing other leaders along with me?

How to Delegate and Replace Yourself

  1. I do, you watch
  2. I do, you help
  3. You do, I help
  4. You do, I watch

Action Items

  1. Have the conversation
  2. Delegate – Check out How to Delegate: The Ultimate Guide to Delegation
  3. Seek out a good counselor

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