In this episode, I interview Todd Adkins of LifeWay LeadershipLifeWay Leadership hosts an annual conference and has put out a free ebook on leadership pipelines for churches to help them be intentional about great leadership. Todd and I talk specifically about what a leadership pipeline is, how it is used, and the steps it takes to develop one in your ministry.

Todd Adkins

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LifeWay Leadership

FREE Webinar: How to Use a Summer Team to Recruit Volunteers

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Ministry Grid – 4000+ sessions on developing the specific ministry roles in your leadership pipeline

5 Leadership Questions Podcast – Todd Adkins and Barnabas Piper interview leaders from a variety of professions and ask each guest five questions about leadership

New Churches Podcast – A podcast designed specifically for leaders involved in planting churches or launching multi-site campuses

Developing Your Ministry Pipeline (ebook) – LifeWay Leadership's resource that outlines what a leadership pipeline is, the structures and content that are vital to it, and the elements of the competency-based training that helps the pipeline thrive

Leadership Pipeline (book) – Ram Charan talks about how to grow leaders from inside your organization

Leadership Engine (book) – Noel Tichy argues for making leadership development an integral part of your organization's culture – Register for the LifeWay's leadership conferences or seek out regional coaching

Leadership Pipelines for Churches: Implementation

  1. Determine when you moved from being a doer to a developer
  2. Look at your organizational chart with your team and define levels of leadership
  3. Hone your church's application and onboarding systems
  4. Unify language across the board
  5. Develop the competencies required at each level

Leadership Pipelines for Churches: The Six Competencies

  1. Vision
  2. Strategy
  3. People Development
  4. Collaboration
  5. Stewardship
  6. Discipleship

Leadership Pipelines for Churches: Vision, Huddle, Skills

  1. Agree on cadence of meetings for your church's leadership
  2. Gather all leaders in a large environment 1-2 times a year and focus on one value
  3. Have quarterly skills-based meetings with individual teams
  4. Have regular huddles with 1-3 members of your team to work on personal development

Action Items

  1. Walk through the steps we talked about to implement a leadership pipeline in your church
  2. Define levels and competencies for your pipeline, and determine how each level will get the information essential to developing the required competency
  3. Check out Ministry Grid for ministry-specific development sessions

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