In this episode, I interview NextGen Pastor, Lenny Moore. Lenny and I have a great conversation about being intentional when it comes to raising up new leaders. We talk about how to empower leaders in our ministry to lead according to their gifts, not ours, and Lenny shares his journey of discovering the importance of investing in leaders over programs.

Lenny Moore

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First Baptist Church Jacksonville, NC

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Family Ministry Values – The core values that determine the way Lenny and his team lead

G90 Goals – A resource to help you set and track goals every 90 days

How to Empower Leaders, Not Develop Doers

  1. Allow producing great leaders to take precedence over program excellence
  2. Accept the fact that some things will be done differently if they are not done by you
  3. Lead with clear vision, not just clear orders
  4. Regularly repeat the mission, vision, and values of your ministry
  5. Spend less time making decisions and talking about “how”
  6. Spend more time allowing others to make decisions and talking about “why”

FBC Jacksonville Staff Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Collaboration
  3. Servant before leader
  4. Hustle
  5. Leader of leaders
  6. Accessible

Action Items

  1. Create a list of values for your ministry
  2. Develop a plan to share these values regularly
  3. Hand off leadership and control of one thing to someone else in your ministry

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Next Episode: John Huber

In the next episode, I interview John Huber. We talk about the family ministry values that he and his team utilize, and how they are intentional about creating a great culture. It is a really helpful follow-up to this interview with Lenny–you won't want to miss it!