In this episode, I interview Children’s Pastor Corinne Noble. Corinne and I have a great conversation about creating remarkable kids' worship experiences. She talks about what this looks like practically from building teams, training leaders, setting up the environment, to the nuts and bolts of choosing music and scheduling. Corinne also shares a unique idea that her team has pioneered in order to engage kids in worship, and the impact that has had on kids' worship at Desert Springs Church.

Corinne Noble

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Desert Springs Church

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Elevate Kidmin

Check out our website to see what Elevate Kidmin is all about and search #elevatekidmin to hear stories of different leaders' experiences at the conference. Consider gathering leaders in your area for encouragement and development. I'd love to have a conversation with you about how to launch something like this in your area. Click here to listen to my interview with Andy Needham where we talk more in depth about what this looks like practically.

Notes From This Episode

Tips for Creating a Remarkable Kids' Worship Experience

  1. Expect all leaders, not just worship leaders, to set the example for worship
  2. Encourage leaders to worship with kids, not behind kids
  3. Cast vision to male leaders especially that in order for their boys to participate, they need to participate
  4. Encourage worship leaders to lead verbally and set up the worship experience by explaining what it is
  5. Bring down the lights and bring the sound level up
  6. Invite kids out of their seats
  7. Choose music intentionally and repeat songs

Kids' Worship Nights at Desert Springs

  • Teach kids about worship–what it is, why we do it, how we can do it
  • Time for small groups to talk about worship and worship in different ways
  • Host 2-4 times a year, with the goal of once a quarter
  • Click here for Corinne's tips on how to plan a worship night

Action Items

  1. Evaluate your current kids' worship experience with other leaders in your ministry
  2. Discuss the idea of having kids' worship nights
  3. Consider building a team of student worship leaders and develop a plan to recruit and train them

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