In this episode, I interview Next Gen Pastor Aaron Jack Bauer of Journey Church. We talk about leading yourself and the specifics of how Aaron takes responsibility for his own growth. Aaron also walks through what it has looked like for the Children's and Student Ministries at Journey to align as one NextGen team.

Aaron Jack Bauer

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Journey Church

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Jim Wideman's Infuse – An online coaching program for kidmin leaders

Orange Legacy Countdown – An app to remind you that you do more with the time you have when you can see how much time you have left

Leading Yourself: Questions to Ask

  1. What's it like to be on the other side of me?
  2. If you were employed by you, how would you lead you?
  3. What information am I taking in? What am I reading and/or listening to?
  4. Who am I connecting with and learning from?
  5. How well am I leading myself?

Leading Yourself: Evaluate

  1. Analyze your time and priorities
  2. Know and understand your strengths and areas of challenge
  3. Take a personality profile test, study it, and return to it periodically (Ex: Path ElementsRight Path, StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, The Four Temperaments Test)

Leading Yourself: Tips for Learning

  1. Don't limit your information consumption to the church world
  2. Read books and watch movies that are popular and ask why those things have been a success, and what this says about culture
  3. Listen to podcasts
  4. Meet up with people in your local area
  5. Have conversations with other people who do what you do
  6. Seek answers to questions you don't even know you have

Transitioning Your NextGen Team

  1. Spend time in one another's environments
  2. Draw out the different ministry areas and find where you already overlap
  3. Specifically, think through grades that transition from one environment to the next, resource sharing, volunteer training,  and your leadership pipeline
  4. Partner with one another as students looks to serve in children's environments
  5. Share wins and stories
  6. Develop and use common language
  7. Value one another and show unity

Action Items

  1. Evaluate how well you are leading yourself
  2. Invite leaders from other areas of family ministry into your environment

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In the next episode, I talk with Student Pastor Justin Knowles. Justin and I have a great conversation about student ministry, what it looks like at his church, and how to get creative with programming. We also dive into what makes a great volunteer culture. Whether you lead in Student or Children's Ministry, the principles apply across the board. You won't want to miss it!