In this episode, I talk with Student Pastor Justin Knowles. Justin and I have a great conversation about creative ideas for youth ministry events and programming. We also dive into what makes a great volunteer culture and he shares his 3 year plan for revamping the ministry he came into at Christ's Church.

Justin Knowles

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Christ's Church of the Valley

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Download Youth Ministry Blog – Check out Justin's posts and other resources to find more creative ideas for youth ministry

The 4 Disciplines of Execution (book) – Chris McChesney shares how to determine what is most important, develop a strategy for going after it, and seeing it through to completion

Event Ideas

  • Glow-in-the-dark night
  • Silent disco with headphones and dancing
  • Fall flannel festival with fire pits, a photo booth, and all things pumpkin flavored
  • Backyard BBQ with burgers, hot dogs, inflatables, human hamster balls, and an ice cream truck

Christ's Church's New Student Area

  1. Invite new students to the back of room at the end of the night
  2. Have them fill out a quick info card
  3. Give them a giant candy bar
  4. Follow up that week with a personal text from the leader they were introduced to

Justin's Process for Revamping Student Ministry

  1. Started with leaders
  2. Rewrote volunteer expectations
  3. Had all leaders reapply
  4. Onboarded new volunteers
  5. Created opportunities for leaders to hang out together
  6. Began 3 year plan (Programming, small groups, serving)

Action Items

  1. Try planning and hosting events that take place during your regular programming
  2. Gather a team of people and brainstorm creative ideas for youth ministry programming, events, trips, and culture

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Next Episode: Shannon Pijanowski

In the next episode, I talk with one of the small group leaders from our church, Shannon Pijanowski. Shannon is a phenomenal SGL who leads a group of 2nd graders every Sunday morning, and a group of 11th graders every Sunday night. We walk through what she does on a week-to-week basis to connect with kids and students, and how she partners with their parents. The principles and practices she shares are really helpful for ministry leaders, but could also serve as a great resource for your volunteers.