In this episode, I interview Jared Massey. Jared and I talk about what children’s ministry in a small church looks like. Jared shares his definition of a small church, why he is passionate about leaders who serve in a small church context, and unique strengths and challenges they face. Whether you serve in children’s or student ministry, the principles apply across the board.

Jared Massey

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Warsaw Assembly of God

One Year Anniversary

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Orange – An organization that helps small churches in rural areas make an impact in their communities

Leadership and Church Size Dynamics – Dr. Timothy Keller shares how size effects the culture, style, strengths, weaknesses, and roles within a church

The Grasshopper Myth (book) – Karl Vaters argues against the myth that small churches are less than what God desires them to be

Strengths of Small Churches

  1. Opportunity to know and care for all individuals
  2. Environment that feels like home
  3. Fewer facilities and resources to manage
  4. Lack of red tape creates an ability to be mobile and respond quickly to needs

Barriers Small Churches Face

  1. The need to be all things to all people
  2. Spending too much time in areas that are not your strengths
  3. Finite resources

Recruiting in a Small Church

  1. Have conversations with people and ask lots of questions
  2. Don't make assumptions, and don't allow what you know to disqualify someone
  3. The best conversations happen outside of church

Action Items

  1. Check out some of the resources mentioned above to see where your church falls in terms of size, strengths, and other dynamics
  2. Evaluate the different ministries and initiatives in your church to determine what you can eliminate

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Next Episode: Jeff Henderson

In the next episode, I talk with Jeff Henderson. Jeff and I talk about something new he's launching to help dads invest in their sons in a unique way. It's an awesome way to partner with parents and help families win. You won't want to miss it.