In this episode, I talk with Frank Bealer–the Executive Director of Leadership Development at Orange, and the CEO of their new Phase Family Centers. Frank and I talk about his new book, The Myth of Balancein which he shows that you can't balance family and ministry life. However, you can pursue health in both areas. In this book, he shares the freedom you gain in overcoming the myth that you can balance family and ministry, and tools and tips he has found helpful along the way. He also talks about some new things Orange is doing for leadership development, and resources they are producing to help leaders like us grow. Finally, he shares some exciting news about Orange’s new project: the Phase Family Centers.  If you’d like to check out Frank’s first interview on the podcast, where we talked about empowering volunteers, listen to Episode 2 right here.

Frank Bealer

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

The Myth of Balance Workshop Series – Beginning July 10, join Frank for an 8-week workshop as he guides you through each chapter of the book, hosts Q&A's, fosters group conversations, and gives practical resources

Creativity Inc (book) – Ed Catmull, the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, shares key principles about creativity in business and leadership

You Lead Coaching – An initiative dedicated to coaching leaders via themed teaching, discussion groups, and projects within their own churches and organizations

New Resources from Orange

  1. You Lead Coaching
  2. Orange Leaders Blog
  3. Think Orange Podcast
  4. New Parent Cue App
  5. Preteen Curriculum (coming soon)
  6. Revamping kids' curriculum (coming soon)
  7. Worship resource (coming soon)

Action Items

  1. Let go of the myth that you can balance family and ministry
  2. Get The Myth of Balance, read it, and begin to apply it
  3. Check out You Lead Coaching and get plugged into one of their leadership development groups

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Next Episode: Joe Crabb

In the next episode, I talk with Joe Crabb about student ministry and youth ministry in the summer. Typically, youth ministry takes a break during the summer months, while students are off from school. However, Joe and his team have decided to leverage that time and lean in during the season when students have the most free time. He shares what they do, what it looks like to practically plan and execute that strategy, and the vision behind it.