In this episode, I talk with Amber Baker about the Real Colors Personality Test. Amber shares how she uses it with her team, and how they have leveraged it as a tool to help their children’s ministry develop. We also have a great conversation about women in ministry, and some of the barriers she has worked through in her role.

Amber Baker

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Grace Church of Glendora

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Real Colors Personality Test

Understanding Your Team's Wiring

  1. Gives you common language
  2. Allows you to anticipate how team members will respond to something, and know how to communicate with them
  3. Gives your team points to talk through and opportunities to understand one another better
  4. Helps you decide who to onboard and what your team needs

Men Who Lead With Women in Ministry

  1. Be a support to those staff members or volunteers
  2. Champion the gifts you see in them
  3. Be mindful of the words and verbiage you use

Tips for Women in Ministry

  1. Connect with other women in ministry
  2. Share and pray together with your spouse concerning this area
  3. Find a safe space to process

Action Items

  1. Take the Real Colors assessment to help you understand your team's wiring, and discuss it together
  2. Learn together about women in ministry and have a conversation about why you believe what you believe

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Next Episode: Alex Beaverson

In the next episode, I talk with Alex Beaverson of Mariners Church. Alex and I have a great conversation about how they empower students to serve and lead in high school ministry. He walks through the different volunteer teams they have, and the process for training and onboarding them. Whether you serve in kids or student ministry, the principles for empowering students to serve apply across the board.