In this episode, I talk with Children’s Pastor and Evangelist, Ricardo Miller. We have a great conversation about the top mistakes ministry leaders make. Ricardo shares from the perspective of a children’s pastor, but the list and principles he walks through apply across the board to leaders in all areas of ministry.

Ricardo Miller

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Top 10 Mistakes Ministry Leaders Make

  1. Not having a mentor
  2. Not attending conferences and seminars or being a part of a learning environment
  3. Not learning how to delegate
  4. Not learning how to build a team
  5. Not celebrating the victories of others
  6. Not taking a vacation
  7. Not giving back as much as you take
  8. Not learning how to empower parents to take the lead in their kids' development
  9. Not saying “Thank you” enough
  10. Not being ourselves

Ideas for Training Volunteers

  1. Texts
  2. Conference calls (
  3. Weekly meetings
  4. Retreats
  5. Twice a year trainings
  6. Annual Conference

Action Items

  1. Look at the list of mistakes ministry leaders make, and pick the one that you're making right now, or struggle with the most
  2. Choose one thing you can do this week to change that

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Next Episode: Tony Morgan

In the next episode, I interview Tony Morgan, founder of The Unstuck Group. This organization works with churches through coaching and consulting to help them get unstuck. Tony recently released a new book called The Unstuck Church that looks at the life cycle churches go through. We talk about this life cycle in terms of family ministry, how to figure out where your ministry is, and what you need to do to either maximize your current season or get out of it.