In this week’s episode, I talk with Jessica Bealer. Jessica and I have a great conversation about multisite children's ministry – what kids' ministry looks like in a multisite context, from great principles to specific, helpful practices. Whether or not you serve in a multisite context, there are a ton of great principles and resources you can apply to your ministry.

Jessica Bealer

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16 Gift Ideas for First Time Families

Check out this FREE resource full of gift/follow up ideas from different churches that are intentional about reaching out to first time families, and encouraging them to return.

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups for ministry leaders are launching this October! A mastermind group is a group of leaders, who serve in a similar context, and come together to: help each other grow, challenge each other, share resources, and offer accountability. Click here for more info and to apply!

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Elevation Church – A multisite church in Matthews, NC that's all about helping people have a relationship with God and experiencing what he can do through you

eKidz – The kids' ministry at Elevation

eKidz Evaluation Document – Elevation's tool for helping evaluate every area/role of the kids' ministry

Quick Check Weekend Observations – A checklist for Sunday morning environments designed to help maintain excellence in a multisite children's ministry context

Haves and Needs Template – Check out Elevation's method for organizing and determining the volunteers required to run Sunday morning, the ones they currently have, and the number they need to recruit

The Magical Lanyard (blogpost) – Jessica shares details about the lanyard children receive when they are first time guests

Kidmin Multisite – Where to Start (blogpost) – A starting point for launching a multisite children's ministry

Ready or Not: 3 Steps to a Successful Launch (blogpost) – Principles to keep in mind when casting the vision, recruiting, and communicating to a core team

Getting FIRST TIME GUESTS to Come Back: Part 1 and Part 2: (blogpost) – Principles and practical details from Elevation's first time guest strategy

Steps to Launching a Campus

  1. Know where you're going
  2. Draw out a plan with seating capacity, available parking, the environment setup, and determine the number of volunteers needed
  3. Announce from stage, and invite people to join the launch team
  4. Start ordering supplies
  5. Begin meeting as a launch team three months out
  6. Set the expectation that for the first 12 weeks, everyone is ALL IN

First Time Guest Process

  1. Families put flashers on and are directed to guest parking
  2. They are given a packet when they first arrive, with a CD and large info card
  3. Families are led to the first time area where volunteers engage kids while parents fill out basic info
  4. Children receive a lanyard that help them have a remarkable experience throughout the morning
  5. After service, kids take the lanyard to the Orange Tent for a slap bracelet
  6. Volunteers enter info and prepare postcard
  7. Small group leaders write a personal message on the postcard that is mailed during the week
  8. Parents receive a personalized email from the kids director, and a call from the volunteer team
  9. The entire family receives a letter from the campus pastor

Action Items

  1. Review Elevation's evaluation process and begin conversations around one thing you can work on to make your ministry better
  2. Create a “Haves, Needs” volunteer list for your ministry
  3. Check out the 16 Gift Ideas for First Time Families resource, and evaluate your first time family process

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Next Episode: Kenny Conley

In the next episode, I talk with NextGen Pastor, Kenny Conley, about the five things to focus on during your first year in a NextGen role. Kenny just finished his first year at a new church in this NextGen role, and coming out of that, he has some great wisdom to share. Whether you lead in NextGen, or specifically in Children's or Youth Ministry, the principles and practical advice he shares are really helpful.