In this episode, I talk with Rich Birch from the unSeminary Podcast. We unpack the differences that exist between Family Ministries in churches that are less than 1,000, and over 1,000. Rich also walks through the unique challenges facing those trying to break through the 1000 barrier. The principles he shares are really helpful whether you are in that stage or not, as you may be facing similar things when you are striving to grow during a different phase.

Rich Birch

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Notes From This Episode

Breaking 1000

  1. Identify why people come to your church
  2. Ask: What old habits are we holding onto and why? Are we doing too many things?
  3. Evaluate your leadership structure, how decisions are made, and the mindset key leaders have
  4. Be intentional about restructuring your organization so that all things don't point to the senior leader
  5. Think multiplication

Tips for Working with Your Lead Pastor

  1. Understand what they value
  2. Listen to their priorities
  3. Know what they are emotionally connected to, and look for ways to add value to that. Ask yourself how the family ministry interacts with that.
  4. Speak the language of your lead pastor

Action Items

  1. Identify which of the barriers applies to your church right now
  2. Gather a group of people together and talk about how you can strategically overcome that barrier

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Next Episode: Clay Scroggins

In the next episode, I talk with Clay Scroggins about his new book, How to Lead When You're Not in Charge. We had a great conversation about how to apply the principles he talks about in a Family Ministry context, what they look like practically, and some steps you can take to use your influence even when you're not in charge.