In this episode, I welcome my friend, Cindy Fiala, back to the podcast (You can check out Cindy's first episode on the Family Ministry Model and Women in Leadership here). Cindy has recently transitioned into the role of Family Minister at LifeBridge Christian Church. She talks about what that journey has looked like for her and shares a great perspective on transition.  Cindy then walks through some really helpful practices for having hard conversations and navigating conflict. Finally, we dig into how Cindy has partnered with families by creating tribes for parents where they can connect with one another.

Cindy Fiala

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LifeBridge Christian Church

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

4 Steps to Hard Conversations

  1. Check your motivation for the conversation
  2. Align your heart to truth
  3. Take time to pray through decisions and conversations–Don't make decisions or have those conversations when you're tired, hungry, or very busy
  4. Lead by self differentiation–cast vision, keep people close to you, and always be the non-anxious presence

Orange – Check out Orange's resources for partnering with parents

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity (book)Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof help parents lead their family with the end in mind–that a relationship with God matters more than anything

Just a Phase – A project from Orange that helps parents understand and maximize the phase their child is in

Sample Plan for Building Tribes for Parents

  1. Engage families at the start of the school year with an event or Family Ministry weekend (Check out Preston Trail's Back to School Weekend for families here)
  2. Set up a parent camp or a next step where parents can come together for teaching and small group time
  3. Walk through Parenting Beyond Your Capacity and Just a Phase timeline materials, addressing key topics that parents will find most helpful
  4. Align or connect with adult ministries or the small group ministry in your church to help build tribes for parents

Action Items

  1. If there is a hard conversation that you need to have, write down the four steps Cindy outlined and begin walking through those steps
  2. Ask: What can I do to create tribes for parents in the next two months? Then, determine the steps you need to take and pilot tribes for parents with a group of about 10 people

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Next Episode: JC Thompson

In the next episode, I talk with JC Thompson. JC has transitioned into three different roles over the past ten years at the same church. He shares what it was like going from leading a specific ministry to leading all of NextGen, and what those different roles looked like. We then talk about how his church structures age groups within NextGen, the reasoning behind those age brackets, and the pros and cons of their current structure.