In this episode, I talk with Lisa Molite about her site, and how she creates irresistible environments for kids. Specifically we dive into how she creates a new set and environment related to the curriculum's theme each month. We walk through how she does it, what it looks like on a month-to-month basis, and how she built a team to help create those environments.

Lisa Molite

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Community Christian Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Michael Hyatt Productivity Assessment – Check out Michael Hyatt's free webinar, The Seven Deadly Sins of Productivity


Ready Set Sunday Webinar – You can check out the webinar we did with Lisa on irresistible environments right here.

System Overhaul Series – Lisa shares how she built a team and process for creating monthly sets

Favorite Tools | Key Tips |  Must Have Supplies

Monthly Environment Blog Post Highlights

October 2017: Stewardship (Use It Or Lose It) – Brainstorming and ideas for the October set

September 2017: Friendship (Lunch Room) – In-process and the final product for the Life App of Friendship

Summer 2017: Uniqueness (Gadgets and Gizmos) – Evaluating the summer environment

Check out specific processes for creating a circus tent, super-sizing objects, and creating a VW bus!

Action Items

  1. Check out and subscribe to the blog
  2. Follow ready set sunday on social media
  3. Collaborate with others each month
  4. Upgrade your environment. What is one significant upgrade you could make in the next couple months?

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Next Episode: Greg Curtis and Joe Schmaltz

In the next episode, I interview Greg Curtis and Joe Schmaltz of Eastside Christian Church. Eastside does a great job helping first time visitors become attenders, plug into groups, and jump onto serving teams. Greg works specifically on the Assimilation team, and Joe leads NextGen, so we talk about how they help new families connect with the church and come back.