In this episode, I interview Greg Curtis and Joe Schmaltz of Eastside Christian Church. Eastside does a great job helping first time visitors become attenders, plug into groups, and jump onto serving teams. Greg works on the Assimilation team, and Joe leads NextGen, so we talk about how they help new families connect with the church and come back.

Greg Curtis and Joe Schmaltz

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Eastside Christian Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

GregCurtis– – Check out Greg's website for free resources and assimilation processes

We Struck Assimilation GoldGreg shares the key to Eastside's assimilation strategy

Basecamp – Sign up for a Basecamp with Greg where you can assess your current strategy and develop a plan to help a higher percentage of first time guests get connected alongside other leaders

Four Step Plan

  1. One place (Guest central)
  2. One program (Next steps)
  3. Two processes (Volunteer team and groups)
  4. Two placements (Volunteer and group placement)

Questions to Help You Measure Your Success

  1. Are we succeeding in connecting people?
  2. How many new people have come?
  3. How many are plugged into a group?
  4. How many have joined a volunteer team?

Action Items

  1. Analyze your church's effectiveness in helping guests get connected and engage
  2. Outline your current process for new families
  3. Compare that process to your church-wide plan
  4. Make any necessary changes

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Next Episode: Scott Magdalein

In the next episode, I talk with Scott Magdalein of TrainedUp.Church. Scott shares a full onboarding process, and walks through that step by step while sharing some great free resources. We also talk about TrainedUp, which is essentially an online platform for training volunteers in your church.