In this episode I talk with my friend, Children's Pastor, Kathie Phillips. Kathie has taught at the Children's Pastors Conference and the Group Kidmin Conference, and has a lot of great insight to share from her years in ministry. She shares some of her story and talks specifically about four key leadership lessons or principles she has learned in the past few years.

Kathie Phillips

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Central Presbyterian Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Top 50 Object Lessons (book) – Kathie walks through 50+ practical object lessons, arranged by topic, that you can use in a Children's Ministry, Christian school, or homeschool environment, to teach biblical truths to elementary and preschool age kids

The Best Yes (book)  – Lysa TerKeurst walks through how to say “no,” so you can say”yes” to the best things in a world of endless demands

Don't Quit (book) – Jessica Bealer and Gina McClain tease out the tenacity, vision, plan, and purpose it takes to give you practical hope in difficult seasons

3 Conferences and Opportunities for Networking: Orange Conference | Group Kidmin Conference | Children's Pastors Conference

4 Key Leadership Lessons

  1. Prioritize rest
  2. Remember that your family is your first ministry
  3.  Network and intentionally seek out a group of like-minded people where you can receive and give encouragement, ideas, and prayer
  4. Continue to learn and develop yourself

Action Items

  1. Think about which of the four leadership lessons you struggle with the most. Ask yourself: What are 2-3 things I can do this month to work on that? 
  2. If you serve in a Children's Ministry, Christian school, or homeschool environment where you'd like to incorporate object lessons, check out Kathie's book here

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Next Episode: Gina McClain and Jessica Bealer

In the next episode, I have a great conversation with Gina McClain and Jessica Bealer about their new book, Don't Quit. Ministry is hard, and this book dives into what it looks like to develop an intentional strategy that will give you practical hope in difficult times. They also share some key tools and principles that will help you as you lead in ministry.