In this episode, I talk with Family Ministry leader, Phil Bell. Phil and I walk through his book, Team Up: The Family Ministry Playbook for Partnering With Parents. Phil shares the partnership strategy his church uses–from how they connect parents with one another, to resources they share with parents, to the milestones and transitions they lean into. He also talks about what he's learned in the last two years leading NextGen, and how he has navigated his first two years in this role.

Phil Bell

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Hope Community Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Team Up: The Family Ministry Playbook for Partnering With Parents (book) – Phil shares key questions to ask, and practical steps you can take, to come alongside the families in your church

Family Ministry Field Guide: How Your Church Can Equip Parents to Make Disciples (book) – Timothy Paul Jones shares four models that churches use to equip families–church centered, family based, family equipping, and family centered

Resources For Parents

Talk Now and Later (book) – Brian Dollar shares practical, detailed advice on how to lead kids through life's tough topics. Brian shares more about this book on Episode 22 of the podcast. – An organization dedicated to providing you with platforms, tools, and resources that will allow you to partner with parents better

ParentCue.orgOrange's app, blog, podcast, and other media that points parents to make the most of each phase in their child's life, and helps cue great conversations about faith at home

HomeWord – An organization committed to strengthening and equipping families

Champion Tribes –A group-based experience giving fathers a plan to raise their middle school sons into men of character. Check out my conversation with co-founder, Jeff Henderson, on Episode 52 of the podcast here.

Rite of Passage Curriculum – An interactive experience for middle school students and their parents to walk through – Hope Community Church's resource hub for parents

Hope Community Facebook Live – An example of how Hope Community uses Facebook Live to partner with parents

Keys to Partnering with Parents

  1. Be aware of who you are serving
  2. Communicate strategically and through a variety of channels
  3. Provide helpful resources
  4. Connect parents with one another
  5. Hit felt needs
  6. Champion groups and classes at your church
  7. Ask parents: How can we partner with you more effectively?

Significant Milestones

  1. Baby Dedication
  2. Baptism
  3. High School Graduation

Action Items

  1. Get the book
  2. Make a list of all the action items you see coming out of the book
  3. Prioritize that list
  4. Try to work on one initiative or item every quarter

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