In this episode, I talk with Rachel Walker about starting a ministry from scratch. Rachel is the Kids' Director at a church that launched nine weeks ago, and she walks through what building a team, training volunteers, and creating environments has looked like. We also talk about how she has onboarded coaches from the very beginning and formed a volunteer leadership team in order to help create a great experience for families and volunteers.

Rachel Walker

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United Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode – Terrace Crawford and David Olshine are offering 1-on-1 coaching, live training sessions, access to a private coaching group, and free resources to 15 youth leaders (Jan-Dec of 2018). Click here to apply by the December 11 deadline.


Think Orange Podcast Episode 001 – Reggie Joiner shares the vision of Orange, and the idea that maximum impact happens when the church and family partner together to influence the next generation – A business dedicated to helping you launch strong by helping you think through your environment(s) and resourcing you with all the equipment and equipment training you will need

Small group carpets – 8 ft diameter circle carpets

Starting a Ministry: Resources

  1. Pre-launch overview – A general to-do list of everything United Kids wanted to accomplish prior to launch. This overview includes links to many of the resources on that list that are now developed, like onboarding documents, first time family communication and registration, and a parent card.
  2. Supply list – A list of all the supplies in the United Kids environment, from general environment supplies, to small group and large group resources, to check-in materials, etc.
  3. United Kids environment photos – Pictures of the United Kids nursery, preschool, and elementary spaces

Action Items

  1. Recruit a coach. Start with one, and then continue to grow the number of coaches you have.
  2. Select a few key leaders and invite them to meet with you in the context of a volunteer leadership team.
  3. If you are starting a ministry, check out the resources above for supply lists, to-dos, tips, and photos.
  4. If you work in Youth Ministry, be sure to check out Terrace Crawford's Youthmin Coaching

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