In this episode, I interview Afton Phillips. Afton is the Director of Small Group Strategies at Orange, and we talk about a training plan that they have developed for small group leaders. She breaks this plan down and walks through what you can be doing yearly, monthly, and weekly to consistently and intentionally train your team. While this training plan is specific to small group leaders, it can be taken and applied across the board in multiple roles.

Afton Phillips

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Links Mentioned in This Episode – Engage, inspire and train small group leaders

Lead Small (book) – The five big ideas every small group leader needs to do – Resourcing ministry leaders to connect with parents and small group leaders each week

3 Questions to Ask When Training Small Group Leaders

  1. What am I doing this year to train small group leaders?
  2. What am I doing this month to train small group leaders?
  3. What am I doing this week to train small group leaders?

Small Group Leader Training Outline

  • Yearly: Kick-off event at beginning of the year (incorporate vision and specifics for the year) and end of the year celebration
  • Monthly: Monthly spotlight on a Lead Small principle and challenge leaders with small group leader goals
  • Weekly: Communicate via social media channels and email

5 Lead Small Principles

  1. Be present
  2. Create a safe place
  3. Partner with parents
  4. Make it personal
  5. Move them out

Action Items

  1. Get Weekly
  2. Create your training plan for this coming year

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