In this episode, I talk with Alison Leamon about preschool ministry. Alison walks through what preschool ministry looks like at her church – from programming, to volunteers and recruiting, to key events they do to partner with parents. She shares the vision and “why” behind what they do, and also shares practical tips on how to mobilize volunteers and help parents be intentional with the youngest members of our churches.

Alison Leamon

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Preston Trail Community Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

First LookOrange's preschool strategy and curriculum

Stop Recruiting, Start Retaining (book) – Christine Kreisher, Darren Kizer, and Steph Whitacre share four strategies that they believe are the secret sauce to retaining volunteers and creating an environment that they don't feel like they have to be in, but that they want to be in

Episode 003: Volunteers: Stop Recruiting, Start Retaining With Christine Kreisher

Onboarding Process

  1. Phone interview
  2. Test drive
  3. In-classroom training
  4. Family Ministry orientation
  5. Regular training events (Ex: Orange Tour)

Baby Dedication Process

  1. Parent orientation (1 month out)
  2. Parents write letters to children
  3. Baby Dedication program (Saturday morning message and celebration)

Action Items

  1. Consider moving to weekly volunteers
  2. Evaluate the Large Group/Small Group format of your preschool ministry
  3. Think through your Parent Child Dedication, and ask yourself: “What are we doing really well?” and “What could we do better?”

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Next Episode: Alston Causey

In the next episode, I interview Alston Causey – the UpStreet Director at Gwinnett Church. Alston and I have a great conversation about what their church is doing to create a remarkable volunteer experience. He walks through the practical things they do in order to be intentional about creating a great volunteer culture, and gives us an inside look at something new his team tried this year called the Remarkable Experiment. You won't want to miss it!