In this episode, I talk with Ashley Bohinc, Director of Middle School Strategy at Orange. Ashley and I have a great conversation about engaging middle school students in large group and small group settings. She shares practical tools for inviting them into conversations, and affirming the way they think and interact with others during this unique phase. And, she unpacks what it looks like to connect and build relationships with these students in order to have maximum impact on the next generation and their faith.

Ashley Bohinc

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Tips for Engaging Middle School Students in Large Group

  1. The more you let them go, the easier they come back to you
  2. Change the pace and volume of how you're talking
  3. Plan for times where you encourage them to talk and interact
  4. Keep it short and simple
  5. Allow your emotions to show
  6. Show a prop, share stories, incorporate YouTube videos, and make it interactive

Tips for Engaging Middle School Students in Small Group

  1. Show up consistently and randomly in order to establish a consistent connection
  2. Invite students to come up with group rules
  3. Affirm that they want to talk and guide them in their conversation
  4. Give talkative kids a specific job or role
  5. With phones, meet them where they are, and then have a time when all of you put your phones away
  6. Give them options and make them feel like decisions are their ideas
  7. Ask open ended questions vs. close ended questions

Action Items

  1. Get The Art of Group Talk books and share them with your leaders
  2. Do an in-depth critique of your next gathering, and create an environment for feedback

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