In this episode, I talk with Jana Magruder, author of Nothing Less. Nothing Less is a book based on research with 2000 Protestant parents, that asks the questions: What were the things that influenced your child’s faith the most? and What mattered most in helping them follow Jesus? Jana walks through the top indicators, and also shares a few surprising things that didn’t make the list and why.

Jana Magruder

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Nothing Less (book) – Jana Magruder shares the top 15 things that influence the faith of a child

Research Reveals the 5 Biggest Influencers on Your Child’s Spiritual Health (article) – Eric Geiger unpacks the top 5 things from Nothing Less that influence the faith of the next generation

ETCH Family Ministry Conference – A conference that exists to bring family ministry leaders and families together, helping them work together to disciple children birth through high school Register for the 2018 conference here.

Foundations for Kids (book) – A 260-day Bible reading plan for kids by Robby and Kandi Gallaty

Top 5 Things That Influence the Faith of the Next Generation

  1. Child regularly reads his/her Bible
  2. Child regularly spends time in prayer
  3. Child regularly serves in church
  4. Child listens primarily to Christian music
  5. Child participates in church mission trips and projects

Equipping Parents to Lean into the Top 5 Things

  1. Encourage parents to choose age appropriate Bibles, model reading the Bible, and read the Bible with their kids
  2. Evaluate your ministry and what you are pointing parents and kids to prioritize
  3. Train your leaders to focus on the Bible and Bible skills
  4. Communicate with parents and provide resources (whether that's through an app, social media, and/or weekly email)
  5. Host a parent conference, seminar, or conversation where you share the top 5 things with parents

Action Items

  1. Share the research from Nothing Less with your staff and volunteers
  2. Share the top 5 indicators with the parents in your ministry
  3. If you are a parent, ask: How can I apply this with my kids?

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