In this episode, I talk with Louie Lovoy. Louie helps lead, coach, and resource the student ministry leaders in North Point's network and strategic partner churches. We have a great conversation about what North Point's student ministry looks like and how that translates in partner churches of all sizes, all over the country. From teaching content, to planning trips and retreats, to creating a great small group culture,  Louie highlights the key parts of their strategy and why they matter.

Louie Lovoy

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North Point Ministries

Links Mentioned in This Episode

North Point Partners – Learn more about North Point's network and strategic partner churches – An overview of how North Point does ministry

Drive Conference – A conference hosted by North Point every two years to help church leaders go further, faster by encouraging, envisioning, and resourcing them

ReGroup Conference – A conference hosted by North Point every two years designed to help church leaders build a vibrant groups culture

The Seven Checkpoints for Student Leaders (book) – Andy Stanley, Stuart Hall, and Louie Giglio share the seven key things student leaders should focus on as they communicate with students throughout middle and high school

Lead Small (book) – The five things every small group leader needs to know

Orange XP3 CurriculumOrange's curriculum for middle and high school students

Double Dog Dare-A-Thon – A series North Point does every year with students to help them learn about investing in and inviting their friends.

Tony Morgan & The Unstuck Group – Tony Morgan and his team help churches get unstuck, uncover the barriers they are facing, and create a strategic plan for growth. You can take their church life cycle assessment here.

North Point's Student Ministry Camp Rhythm

  1. Fall – Bootcamp (6th grade, vertical trip)
  2. Fall – Frequency (7th & 8th grade, vertical trip)
  3. Fall – Vertical Reality (9th-12th grade, vertical trip)
  4. Spring – Walking Wisely (6th-8th grade, horizontal trip)
  5. Spring – My Life (9th-12th grade, horizontal trip)
  6. Summer – The Walk (9th-12th grade, vertical trip)

North Point's Student Ministry: 4-Part Strategy

  1. Leaders
  2. Culture
  3. Program
  4. Parents

Action Items

  1. Ask: What would I do differently if I viewed our student ministry as a bunch of small churches?
  2. Read The Seven Checkpoints for Student Leaders and create a content plan for your ministry
  3. Evaluate your retreat and trip plan in light of what you want to do overall for the students in your church

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