In this episode, I talk with Jim Wideman about the importance of thinking differently. We all have ways of doing ministry that have become routine–typically because we are busy and want to be able to focus on people, as God has called us to do. But, we still need to make time to pray, lean into the wisdom of others, ask questions, and understand the new things God is calling us to in each season. Jim shares the importance of making the time to rethink your ministry, practical tips for doing that, and his own personal experience.

Jim Wideman

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

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Orange – An organization all about helping the church and family partner together to reach the next generation

Beat the Clock (book) – Jim Wideman shares his top strategies for effective time management

Good to Great (book) – Jim Collins explores what is behind companies that make the leap from good to great

Action Items

  1. Make time to evaluate and rethink your ministry
  2. Make time to evaluate and rethink your ministry with other people
  3. After something has been executed twice, ask others this question as you attempt it a third time: Is there a better way for a better outcome?

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