In this episode, I talk with Amy Fenton from Orange about VBS. Amy shares best practices for planning ahead and how to build a team and process in order to create a remarkable experience for kids. And, she dives into the difference between focusing on evangelism or discipleship during VBS, and what these two approaches look like.

Amy Fenton

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Planning Vacation Bible School

  1. Start right now
  2. Pick a great curriculum – Check out Orange's here
  3. Make a plan
  4. Ask core leaders in your ministry to own different parts
  5. Pray
  6. Make a plan for follow up

Best Practices for Running Vacation Bible School

  1. Do sign ups ahead of time
  2. Distribute registration info and details about kids' leaders and groups before the week of
  3. Leave room for guests
  4. Communicate about a deadline
  5. Communicate often what to expect when they arrive
  6. Prepare daily emails in advance to send to parents each afternoon, letting them know what their child learned that day
  7. Figure out who was there and follow up
  8. Network with other leaders in your area

Action Items

  1. Check out Orange's resources for VBS
  2. Determine the priority for your VBS–evangelism or discipleship
  3. Write a plan and develop a timeline for your church's VBS. Save that in a system as you work this year so you can duplicate it next year.

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