In this episode, I talk with Danielle Bell about her church's discipleship strategy for children's ministry. Danielle walks through the key components of their strategy and shares specific details about how they execute these components. From breaking down Sunday morning and Wednesday night programming, to talking about retreats, family worship, and baptism classes, the intentionality and principles behind their strategy are incredibly helpful and can translate across the board in kids' and student ministry.

Danielle Bell

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Dawson Memorial Baptist Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode – Check out content and resources for ministry leaders

Gospel Project – An organization dedicated to resourcing people of all ages with gospel-centered content and studies

Hillsong Kids Big | Lifeway Zip | Children Desiring God | North Point Superhero Series

24 What (blog post)– Danielle breaks down a 24-hour discipleship event for kids
24 Hours 4 Him FAQ (blog post) – Answers to four frequently asked questions about the 24-hour discipleship event
Gospel Class (blog post) – Key components to a gospel class for kids
Uncreated Creator – Family Worship (blog post) – Danielle shares how her church built a family worship experience
Recipe for Family Worship (blog post) – What it takes to create a family worship experience

The Gospel: God's Plan for Me (book)– A booklet for kids that presents the gospel in kid-friendly language and points kids to Jesus while giving them next steps to take in their faith

Gospel-Centered Kids Ministry (book) – Brian Dembowczyk talks about the good news of Jesus, pointing kids to the gospel, and how that can change their lives and the world

Components of a Discipleship Strategy

  1. Sunday morning: Life Group hour and church with adults
  2. Wednesday night: Application
  3. Family worship
  4. Events and retreats
  5. Classes
  6. Kid Life VBS

Action Items

  1. Map out your strategy for discipling kids
  2. Lean into your gospel and baptism processes for kids and evaluate your follow up process
  3. Consider starting something new by answering the question: What is missing? 

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