In this episode, I talk with Interim Executive Director of INCM, Michayla White, about some research they have done involving millennial parents. Michayla breaks down some of the stereotypes surrounding this generation of parents and shares the results of a survey that leans into what matters most to them.

Michayla White

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Pew Research – A foundation that seeks to help people and organizations make wise decisions with the support of data

Millennial Parents of Faith and What You Need to Know – A presentation to help educate leaders on millennial parents, who they are, and what matters most to them. Michayla shares the key findings of their survey in this presentation.

5 Things You Can Do to Reach Millennial Parents

  1. Value invitation and meet them in the their spaces
  2. Care about their marriages
  3. Prioritize safety and security in your environments
  4. Train volunteers to interact with parents
  5. Resource them and allow them to inspire you

INCM Resources

Children's Pastors Conference – Register for CPC19 here – Resources for children's ministry leaders

Children's Ministry Certification

Online Events


Action Items

  1. Review your preschool environment for safety and security
  2. Start a focus group of millenial parents

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