In this episode, I talk with NextGen Pastor, Jim Murphy, about event planning. Jim talks through how his church plans events and the project management system they use. He dives into the weeds, sharing key components of the planning that goes into these events and a video that shows how to practically use the project management tool his team uses to organize their events.

Jim Murphy

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The Evangelical Covenant Church

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4 Stages of Event Planning

  1. Development (6-12 months out): Event on calendar; debrief from previous event; determine teams, roles, and people needed
  2. Implementation: Plan for renting, purchases, facility, needed mock ups, and promotion
  3. Execution (3 weeks out): Teams are fully recruited and have instructions; work on plan for set up; and make final creative adjustments
  4. Evaluation: Begin evaluating process during execution, and do final evaluation after event

Covenant Church NextGen Newsletter – Check out an example of Covenant Church's quarterly NextGen update – A communication channel churches can use to message volunteers, parents, attendees, and other groups of people

Basecamp – A system teams can use to collaborate on projects, have conversations, share files, etc.

Basecamp Training Video – Jim walks through a practical demonstration of how his team uses Basecamp

Trello – A collaborative project management tool

Asana – A tool teams use to track their work

Action Items

  1. Watch the Basecamp training video
  2. Choose a project management tool
  3. Define your event planning process

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