In this episode, I talk with Kevin Jennings. Kevin is a marketing strategist who works with Orange and helps people communicate their message through social media and email marketing. He walks through a plan for how you can market well from scratch, highlighting mistakes we often make, what to focus on, and tools we can use.

Kevin Jennings

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Common Mistakes Churches Make in Their Social Media Strategy

  • Using social media to replace email, newsletters, bulletins, and handouts
  • “Screaming and yelling” (Look what we're doing)
  • Providing boring content that is full of info
  • Promoting your ministry and events, but not the character or culture of the church and the people
  • Recruiting followers but not engaging them
  • Using bad designs and graphics

Tools for Your Digital Content and Social Media Strategy

Scheduling Tools for Your Social Media Strategy

Build or Re-create Your Social Media Strategy

  • Clarify your purpose and what the win is
  • Capture email addresses
  • Choose one primary platform and one secondary platform, and give each a purpose
  • Operate by the 60-20-20 rule (60% content is about others, 20% is get-to-know and behind-the scenes, 20% is to directly pitch or talk about what you are offering them)

The Five P's of a Social Media Strategy

  1. Define the purpose
  2. Create a plan
  3. Build a process
  4. Choose people to be part of it
  5. Measure how it performs

Action Items

  1. Adpot the five P's and use them to define your strategy
  2. Start collecting stories and begin telling them through your social media channels

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