In this episode, Tom Bump, David Maddron, Tom Pounder, Steve Cullum, and I recap OC18. We break down our key takeaways, favorite ideas, and practical steps we were encouraged to take back to our ministries as we continue the mission of helping the next generation know Jesus.

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Rewatch OC18 live here & Register for Orange Conference 2019 here


Married PeopleOrange's ministry for Married People in your church

Made Known – Kenny Conley and Orange partnered together to put out a resource that equips you to reach out to families in your church who have suffered pregnancy and/or infant loss

Creating a Volunteer Strategy for Getting it all Done – Crystal Chiang's presentation and notes from OC18

Key Takeaways from OC18

  1. Listen to parents
  2. Invest in leaders and develop a leadership structure
  3. Create an environment where people feel comfortable belonging before they believe
  4. Pursue ministry for Married People
  5. Provide your volunteer leadership with authentic community and envision them
  6. Ask: What do I need to stop doing so that my ministry can grow?

Action Items

  1. Ask: Which of these takeaways or practical steps can I apply to help grow my ministry?

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