In this episode, I talk with Kellie Krueger of Beachcities Church. Over 70% of the weekly kids' team at Beachcities is comprised of student volunteers. Kellie walks through the leadership structure, how it works with so many student volunteers, and how the kid and student teams work together to encourage students to serve and own their own faith. She also shares about a summer camp that her church puts on for the community at different schools in the area, and how that has been a great opportunity to meet and invite unchurched families to Beachcities.

Kellie Krueger


Beachcities Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

KidsGames – The general KidsGames hub
KidsGamesOC – Beachcities KidsGames site complete with camp info, details, FAQ, and more
Family Ministry Goals – The goals of Beachcities Family Ministry for kids and students, parents, and volunteers
Volunteer 101 Video – A training video showed at Beachcities during volunteer onboarding in family ministry
Practical Tips for Creating a Culture of Student Service – A resource full of practical steps (from recruiting and parent communication, to social media, to expectations, to appreciation)  you can take to create an irresistible environment for students to serve in

3 Key Components to the Strong Student Volunteer Team at Beachcities

  1. Kid and student ministries partner together
  2. Students are encouraged to ask the question: Who can you invite to serve with you?
  3. Students are part of a cleaning crew where they attend a service, serve at a service, and help maintain the environment and facility during a service

Action Items

  1. Look at your numbers and ask the question: What percent of your team is students? or What percent of your students serve?
  2. Create a plan to invite students to serve
  3. If you lead in kids' ministry, partner with the student team at your church to help students get plugged into a team. If you lead in student ministry, work with the kids' team to encourage students to serve and own their own faith.
  4. If you run a camp, summer program, or retreat, consider implementing the idea of daily recap emails for parents

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