In this episode, I talk with author, communicator, host, and Director of City Strategy at Orange, Sam Collier about his new book, Find Your Voice. Sam clarifies what it looks like to find your voice, barriers to finding your voice, and why we so often overlook or miss the passion and gifts God has given us. He also talks about how we, as ministry leaders, can help others in the church–people on our teams, other leaders, and students–find their voices.

Sam Collier

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Find Your Voice – Sam shares how to find your voice and the passion God has given you, and then he walks through how to capture the power of influence so that others can hear the story you have to tell

A Greater Story Podcast – Check out Sam's podcast that's all about living a greater story

Action Items

  1. Get Find Your Voice. Read it, and share it with someone else that you want to encourage or pour into.
  2. Ask yourself: How can I help students and/or leaders find their voice? Who do I need to encourage right now?

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