In this episode, I talk with North Point Ministries Middle School Director, Britt Kitchen, about how they plan their student ministry calendar-from content, to the ins and outs of events, trips, and retreats. We also break down how they approach utilizing space and facilities, and how they have made their student and office spaces multi-purpose. Britt also walks through mile markers, and how they are intentional about creating moments for parents and students to have great conversations.

Britt Kitchen

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Episode 092: How North Point Does Student Ministry With Louie Lovoy

The Seven Checkpoints for Student Leaders: Seven Principles Every Teenager Needs to Know (book) – Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall break down the 7 things that are key for student ministry leaders to understand and communicate to teens and parents

Student Ministry Calendar (Teaching Content)

  1. Friendship during August
  2. Service in November
  3. Moral boundaries and sex in the spring
  4. Family series in June

Student Ministry Calendar (Mile Markers)

  1. 6th grade: Walk in the park where parent shares story with student (Students need to hear that doubts and struggles are okay)
  2. 7th grade: Parent goes on mission trip with student
  3. 8th grade: SGL and parent send-off

Student Ministry Calendar (Event Planning)

  1. 1 year in advance: Vision meeting about big picture goals for event
  2. 4 months out: Decide content
  3. 8 weeks out: Open registration at first price point
  4. 5 weeks out: Increase price point
  5. 2 weeks out: Registration closes


Action Items

  1. Sit down with your team and plan out the next year
  2. Evaluate your content by mapping out all the categories you hit throughout middle and high school
  3. Use some of the trip/retreat tips he shared when planning your next event
  4. Have a conversation with leadership about student space and how you can maximize the facility you have

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