In this episode, I talk with Junior High Ministry Leader, Justin Herman. Justin shares the three things he believes are essential to building a successful ministry, what it looks like to develop long term strategies, and what he does to partner with parents.

Justin Herman

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3 Essential Components of Junior High Ministry

  1. Your ministry needs to be fun-real, relevant, a place to belong, a place where students have friends, and a place where everyone is known
  2. It's all about leaders–have more and better leaders
  3. Partner with parents–let them know you are there for them and their kids

What It Takes to Be Fun

  1. Know what the plan is when a new kid shows up, and make it feel like you were expecting them
  2. Know what your plan is when kids are gone so they know they are missed
  3. Take it easy on the rules

Keys to Partnering with Parents

  1. Communicate with parents often and in a manner they can predict
  2. Make time for parents and have conversations with them
  3. Host parent nights

Action Items

  1. Take the 3 pillars Justin talked about and give your ministry a grade for each of them. Then, develop some actions steps you can take to improve one of them (whether it's the one you are strongest or weakest in.)
  2. Ask: Is there a long term strategy you need to develop and implement?
  3. Determine one step you can take to improve your connection with parents.

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