In this episode, I welcome back NextGen Pastor, Kenny Conley, to the podcast (Check out Episode 25 & Episode 67 for our previous conversations). Kenny and I talk about 3 key ministry hacks to help you accomplish more in less time and improve the quality of the ministry you offer. We also talk about his new course, 33 Ministry Hacks (details and registration can be found here).

Kenny Conley

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

33 Ministry Hacks – A 6-week course designed to help ministry leaders leverage 21st-century tools. Registration closes Monday, July 16. – A resource sight for preschool leaders

How to Camp Blog Post (blog post) – Hacks for developing a registration process that will help you have all registrations in a month before camp starts – Camp registration software

Ministry Hacks: How to Camp

  1. Go all digital
  2. Determine cost/kid
  3. Motivate parents to sign up early with artificial deadlines
  4. Begin with 1-day only sale, move to regular price, and have a late registration price
  5. Be prepared to give a firm “no”

Ministry Hacks: Volunteer Recruiting

  1. Have two monthly volunteer orientations
  2. Recruit to an orientation, not an application
  3. Email/text reminders to list of contacts
  4. Have an observation process in place that is run by coaches
  5. Train leaders in observation

Google Calendar – Invite people in your g-suite organization to choose appointment times – An app for scheduling different types of appointments and inviting people to meetings

Action Items

  1. Check out 33 Ministry Hacks
  2. Evaluate your volunteer process–Consider adding a volunteer orientation or revamping your observation/training process
  3. Try Google or Calendly and see if one (or both) helps free up some of your time and keep your schedule straight

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