In this episode, I talk with Nick Salyers about a book that he and Caleb Stevens co-authored: Collegiate: 7 Big Ideas to Make College Awesome. Using the book as a springboard for this conversation, we talk about how parents can set students up for success in college, what students can do to prepare for college, and then how church leaders can equip the students and parents in their ministries. Nick also gives us an update on the organization he is a part of, called Champion Tribes, and what they are doing to help dads invest in their middle school sons.

Nick Salyers

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Collegiate: 7 Big Ideas to Make College Awesome – Nick Salyers and Caleb Stevens walk through seven big ideas – purpose, vision, community, growth, impact, adventure, and urgency – that will help college students make the most of their college years and intentionally become the person they want to be

Normal Triangle – A typical approach to college and the actions that result

Remarkable Triangle – A remarkable approach to college driven by vision and passion, and the life that results

Episode 013: Ben Kerns on Youth Ministry Challenges (check out his plan for high school seniors)

Episode 052: Jeff Henderson on Helping Dads Invest in Their Sons

Champion Tribes – An organization dedicated to equipping busy dads to invest deeply in their middle school sons' lives through a rite of passage experience (Follow on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)


Action Items

  1. Get the book
  2. If you’re a parent of a high school student, read it alongside your child
  3.  If you’re a leader, get it in the hands of a few parents and students in your ministry. Consider working this book, or the principles in it, into an overall plan for seniors during their high school year at your church

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